That little guy above caused the two hour rush hour traffic jam yesterday in Denver. And we all know what a toner cartridge can do to a cargo flight. And now that the TSA advises we teach children that bad touch is a game, it is pretty safe to say we’ve exceeded the limits of even what the usual hysterical American public will accept.

And that’s saying something. Because we’ve been pretty well trained to accept about anything as long as it is in the interest of “security” because if you don’t, you are not supporting the troops or are unpatriotic or something.

The real problem isn’t that we won’t accept needless death — over 13,000 people are killed in DUI crashes in each year and 30,000 more are killed by a hospital bacteria that will probably show up on TSA gloves soon. We obviously have no problem with needless and avoidable death including DUI murder. Bloody and mangled in a car is fine. Bloody and mangled in an airplane? Not fine.

What we don’t like is random death perpetrated by foreigners. And we are willing to spend untold billions of dollars and even more in wasted man-hours to fight the invisible foe. Avoidable death by Americans? I’ll toast to that!

How stupid are we? So stupid that a “terrorist” can terrorize us with a plastic, children’s toy and snarl traffic for hours. I’m not sure why Al Qaeda doesn’t just start leaving random kids toys around the country in malls. The security firm lobbyists would have have us getting strip-searched by mall cops in a week. Amazon, of course, would benefit most.

My vote is, let’s put the TSA in charge of highway safety and hospital cleanliness. Let’s spend a few more billion dollars accomplishing nothing but fear-mongering and pseudo-safety.

I can’t even blame the TSA anymore. They’ve seen that basically we will accept anything from two-weeks trained, high school graduates earning less than $40,000 per year whose only real and discernible purpose is to blindly follow the random policies implemented.

But while we’ve exceeded the limits, there is little doubt that change will not be coming. Politically, a death in an airplane is worth 5,000 on the highway. The only hope for fewer drunk driving deaths is drunk, terrorist kamikaze drivers. Then we could all look forward to background checks in bars and liquor stores.

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