Tech Inventory 2010

I’m sure by this time next year, this will seem woefully inadequate and in five years will seem feeble. In ten years it will seem laughable and in twenty years it will just be quaint.

As of today, our apartment contains:

5 full fledged computers in the form of a MacPro, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and 2 Mac Minis

Total Cores: 2.66Ghz octocore in the MacPro and the rest are dual cores around the 2Ghz level so total of 16 CPU cores for all five computers. Call it 38Ghz of CPU power

Total RAM: 28GB

Total Internal Storage: 7TB of hard drive and 512GB of SSD

Network Attached Storage: 750GB in RAID 1

Total Backup/External Storage: 1TB Time Capsule and 4TB RAID 5

2 Ipads, both with 64MB of SSD storage. 1 with 3G cellular access

Cable modem connection averaging about 25Mbit down and 5Mbit up

We have one router/WAP as well as two other wireless access points. All 5Ghz N based

one 8 port gigabit ethernet switch

three 5 port gigabit ethernet switches

3 IP cams

2 cell phones (iPhone 4 and Blackberry Curve)



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